Thursday, September 20, 2012

St Comasia

St Comasia
50x50 cm
Giclée print on canvas

model: Lana Durjava

Saint Comasia was a roman martyr probably lived between the II and IV century. Her body was transferred from the catacombs of St. Agnes in Via Nomentana in 1645 to Martina Franca, in the Basilica of St. Martin. When the sacred convoy arrived in Martina Franca, an heavy rain started and the rainstorm was so strong that the procession was stopped and forced to take refuge in the chapel.A similar event occurred in 1714, in Naples during a procession with her relics. The Saint was by far '600 always invoked in times of drought. The last time that the bones of the Saint were traveling in procession through the streets of the country was on July 2000 and even in that occasion a storm happened.An old saying, still used today, about the connection betwen the rain and the Saint is: "a 'ssot u curpe de Santa Cumasie", it is mentioned during an heavy rain and it means: "they have dragged out the body of Saint Comasia"

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