Saturday, June 18, 2011

St Lucia

St Lucia
50x50 cm
Giclée print on canvas

model: Ilaria 

With a name derived from lux, lucis "light", St Lucy is the patron saint of those who are blind.
Hagiography tells us that Lucy was a Christian during the Diocletian persecution.
She consecrated her virginity to God, refused to marry a pagan, and had her dowry distributed to the poor.
Her would-be husband denounced her as a Christian to the governor of Syracuse, Sicily. Miraculously unable to move her or burn her, the guards took out her eyes with a fork.
In another version, Lucy's would-be husband admired her eyes, so she tore them out and gave them to him, saying, "Now let me live to God".
In art, her eyes sometimes appear on a tray that she is holding.

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